My Bio

Youssef Guezoum is  a Belgian Movie composer  of  Moroccan descent .
Since his early childhood, he was very passionate about music. The first instrument he learned to play as a young 10 year old boy, was the bass guitar. This quickly led him to form, with a local group of friends his own rock fusion band. With him as the lead, head bassist.

Besides his love for music, he was a great fan of movies of which he attended assiduously with his pals at the local district cinema. From age 12 to 19 and in parallel to his high school education, Youssef was performing on stage for private and professional events. At the age of 19, he relocated to Belgium and joined the Academy of Music of Brussels "G.H.Luytgarens" where he could finally combine his two passions: music and movies. Graduating with ease, all the while, continuing to preform and practicing the piano, he flew to Vancouver, Canada to integrate the studios of the prestigious production company which created the special effects and composed the music for Terminator II , Harry Potter, among many famous creations.

After his internship where he practiced his academic learning and performed his knowledge of music composition and mastering, Youssef returned to Belgium and founded "Soundscore", his own production company specialized in film music composition.
Soon after, many filmmakers entrusted him to compose the soundtracks of their films and his musical compositions received standing ovations in Europe and elsewhere in several cultural and film going events.

In late 2011, Youssef followed a master-class with the famous American composer, Hummie Mann. During this time, he had the opportunity to meet Brian Tyler for whom he has a deep admiration for. Youssef has admired and respected other great film composers as well. To name a few, Hummie Mann, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and Alan Silvestri, and his friend Atli Örvarsson ...

In March 2012, he traveled to Los Angeles where he enrolled in a training class at Northridge University in California under the supervision of Scott Glasgow and the Guest of Honor, the famous composer Marco Beltrami.
Passionate about his work and eager to give the best of himself.

Thanks to his diverse musical background and his deep knowledge of Western musical repertoire, Youssef is able to translate multicultural emotions and is able to mix music genres in order to reach a wide audience. Capable of running a real Philharmonic Orchestra and able to compose orchestral music. His overall cultural diversity drives him to exercise his art in many varied and creative areas such as television series, motion pictures, video games, cartoons, corporate videos, advertising and communication.

Now, Based in Los Angeles, He recently  write music for the Power Ranger Tv-show and join as Co-composer the legend Noam Kaniel and also scored the feature movie Full Love written and directed by the action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme. After that, He started underscoring and composing many theme songs for a plethora of television series, such as NFL-CBS Sport, Paramount Pictures, Immediate Music, Universal Music, and Lion's Gate to name a few. He was graduated in classical music from G.H Luytgaerans Academy in Brussles ( Belgium ), this led Youssef to pursue music composing professionally, and he became very familiar with the European scene and continued to work on projects coming from Los Angeles and the rest of the world.


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