Youssef Guezoum, Based in Los Angeles film music composer and Orchestrator, was born in Marrakech, the ochre city (Morocco) in 1975, a colorful and a melting-pot city where converges many musical tendencies : the folk music of the Middle and High Atlas mountains, African music like Gnawa’s and some influences from Andalusian (Moorish) music. This rich musical atmosphere gave birth to the love and the natural inclination of Youssef Guezoum for music which led him to learn how to play guitar and the bass when he was still a young 10 year-old boy to become the bassist of a rock fusion band he created with a group of friends "The Marrakech" from the name of the city that inspired him so much.
Besides Music, Youssef Guezoum has another passion: Movies. Since his childhood in the districts of the medina (old town); he and his young pals assiduously attended the district’s cinema to watch action, suspense, war and adventures movies which emphasized fascinating music and took him into a fancy imaginary world. Guezoum Youssef graduated from Jette Academy of Music in Brussles, Belgium with ease while performing his practice of piano and flew to Canada to integrate the studios of the prestigious production company which created the special effects and composed the music for Terminator II or Harry Potter, among its famous artistic creations.
Very fond of movies, Youssef Guezoum combines his musical ear to his natural affinities for the image in motion to coat it with the appropriate sound, the one which could describe most faithfully the emotion that the filmmaker wants to arouse inside spectators.
Thank to his oriental musical background and his deep knowledge of Western musical repertoire, Youssef Guzeoum is able to translate multicultural emotions and to mix music genres in order to reach a wide audience and it is this cultural diversity that drives him now to exercise his art in many varied and creative areas such as Television series, video games, cartoons, corporate videos, advertising and communication.
His amazing work let him join the legend singer, musician, and composer Noam Kaniel to write some additonal scores for Power Ranger Tv-show under SABAN ENTERTAINMENT, In 2017 Youssef  joined  The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as national active and made his name among those talented artists. He recently setup his new studio in Los Angeles and started underscoring and composing a huge library  soundtracks for a plethora of television series, such as NFL-CBS Sport, Paramount Pictures, Immediate Music, Universal Music, and Lion's Gate to name a few...











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